5 Days To Go…

Only 5 days to go until our BIG event of the year, our Festival of Sustainable Business. Hopefully by now, you will have already bought your tickets. If not, here are some reasons you should:

  • It is taking place on Zero Emissions Day! Set aside the day to address your future sustainability direction in advance of COP26
  • Learn about ways you can make positive change and accelerate your sustainable business practices.
  • We are in a climate emergency. To quote the UN Secretary General, this is “Code Red for Humanity”
  • To quote another expert, Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance has stressed that “Companies that don’t adapt will go bankrupt without question […] It’s not just a niche part of the economy. It’s a whole economy transition. That’s where the focus increasingly is.”
  • We will experience brilliant, relevant seminars aimed at aiding climate action, covering discussions around the built environment, nature based solutions, sustainable travel and B Corp.
  • These will be led by expert live speakers including representatives from Triodos Bank, Kensa Contracting, Bevan Brittan, Elmtronics and The Environment Agency
  • Delicious refreshments and at long last, the opportunity to network in person! Check out how we are keeping the space safe here.
  • And if you cannot make it in person, the conference will also be virtual

There are only a few tickets left so get yours now! Use our special code ‘future20’ for 20% off all ticket prices.

Really looking forward to seeing you all there.

With very best wishes

Katherine Piper

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