Greener Energy Futures Helps Organisations To Implement Decarbonisation Plans Through Education

Greener Energy Futures (GEF), a Bristol-based environmental consultancy, have joined forces with Pytch, a leading events company, to deliver a series of sustainable workshops that will improve employee wellbeing and help them implement their sustainability goals. The first workshop, in December 2021, focused on three key areas including ways to reduce the need for additional resources, whilst increasing social impact and financial sustainability. GEF made suggestions for how Pytch could reduce purchases of electronic kits and single-use tape, which would save the business around £20,000 each year.

The consultancy explained how Pytch could achieve zero carbon in 100 months, the equivalent of saving 1% each month, by making gradual changes to help lessen their impact on the environment. This includes reducing one-off purchases as well as identifying the waste coming into and leaving the business and how this could be minimised. Other recommendations went beyond climate responsibility such as wellbeing classes and fitness, encouraging half of the business to use the on-site gym facility leading to a fitter, more productive workplace.

The environmental consultancy will return to Pytch in the first quarter of 2022 to understand what has been implemented since the session, suggesting further ways to help employees achieve their new targets.

Simon Pyne, Managing Director of Greener Energy Futures commented:

“As we head into 2022, there is a need for action from organisations. This all starts with education and understanding what steps we must all take, no matter how big or small, to curb carbon emissions and combat climate change. From this workshop, Pytch is demonstrating that they are committed to their net zero journey and we are hoping for this format to be rolled out across many different organisations to ensure that others can do the same.”

Johnny Palmer, Managing Director at Pytch Limited:

“Pytch sees sustainability not just as the right thing for the planet, but as competitive advantage in our markets. Greener Energy Futures’ workshop has helped us to action practical sustainability that will underpin our anticipated B-Corp accreditation as well delivering immediate benefits to staff and the environment.”

Earlier this year, Greener Energy Futures helped Pytch to secure £7,000 funding, following a successful application from the West of England Combined Authority via the European Regional Development Fund. This move will help the organisation to reduce carbon emissions by 2.5 tonnes and save £1,000 in heating costs annually. Learn more about Greener Energy Futures here.

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