Tell us about the service or product your organisation offers, along with your wider purpose. 

Halcyan Water Conditioners is a British company based in Bristol. Halcyan is an innovative system that has been installed and relied upon by a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial customers for over 30 years worldwide. Halcyan Water Conditioners significantly reduce the energy losses and CO2 emissions associated with limescale accumulation on water heating elements. So the costs are much lighter on your pocket and a great deal better for the planet because your home’s carbon footprint is kept to an absolute minimum. Since Halcyan launched in the UK the driving motivation has always been to connect homes with money-saving, limescale-free, healthy, more enjoyable water experiences. 

Please detail ways in which your organisation can support fellow members of the Future Leap Network.  

Halcyan provides a product which deals with limescale, and in doing so reduces energy use and carbon emission. Businesses that are looking to improve their carbon footprint and make their workplaces more sustainable can come to us for a solution that helps in an often ignored part of the sustainability equation. Halcyan is also a thought leader in this space and can provide information or advice on subjects surrounding hard water and how it affects are push towards net zero. 

Why are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network? 

We have been members for several years now and love being a part of a vibrant growing and local community of business that care. It is inspiring to see so many ambitious and exciting organisations that share similar values and seek to take real, concrete steps toward building a more sustainable South West and beyond! 

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