A Week of Sustainability in Bristol 

This June, three key events in Bristol highlight the importance of collaboration in mitigating the effects of the climate emergency.  

These events will provide opportunities for knowledge-sharing, networking and planning for the future in terms of accelerating our joint efforts in reaching Net Zero for the Bristol community as a whole.  

Michelmores LLP, Future Leap and M Shed are representing areas of agriculture, business and community, and will be facilitating these respective events aimed at promoting sustainability in Bristol and beyond. 

The Events 

Michelmores’ Sustainable Agriculture Conference – 22 June 2022 

This conference brings together participants from across the sector to highlight agricultural practices and innovations that are tackling the climate and biodiversity crises. Together with their leading experts, they will be discussing key issues including Natural Capital, Regenerative Agriculture and Agri-Tech.  

“This collaboration reflects that it is imperative that we work together across our various sectors to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. Effecting change at the scale needed requires input from all industries. The agriculture sector has a central role to play in restoring and protecting habitats and sequestering carbon. By working together, we can highlight the challenges as well as the opportunities on a much bigger scale.” – Rachel O’Connor, Partner in Michelmores’ Agriculture team 

More info: https://www.michelmores.com/events/sustainable-agriculture-conference-2022 

Festival of Sustainable Business – 23 June 2022 

The team at the Future Leap are holding the annual Festival of Sustainable Business on the 23 June at We The Curious, Bristol. In addition to nearly 60 exhibitors representing different aspects of the green economy, this year’s exhibition features a COP26 Traction on Action Stage, a café and networking space, as well as sustainable food and transport zones. 

“Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at Future Leap, from our network, to our physical space, to our knowledge-sharing events. Relationships, connections and mutual support push all of our work into another realm – the realm in which achieving our ecological aspirations becomes possible. We are so excited to present this collaboration with Michelmores and the M Shed, and for all of the positive relationships it will foster” – Katherine Piper, Head of Partnerships and Sustainability at Future Leap 

More info: https://www.festivalofsustainablebusiness.co.uk/ 

Think Global: Act Bristol – Opening 25 June 2022 

This project addresses Bristol’s role in and response to the climate and ecological crises. It’s the beginning of an ongoing strand of work, and conversation with Bristol residents, starting with an evolving exhibition and programme at M Shed this summer. 

M Shed will be inviting a range of voices, from academics to entrepreneurs, community leaders and young people, to present their perspectives on what’s happening and what needs to be done. Visitors will be invited to build their own ‘toolkit’ of actions as they go around the exhibition, add their own responses to key questions and contribute to a collaborative vision of a future Bristol. 

Michelmores, Future Leap and M Shed are excited to play their part in the region’s sustainability goals. We find ourselves faced with the most critical challenge in the form of the climate crisis, and the actions we take now will have significant repercussions for generations to come. Come join us to discover, collaborate and innovate for a fairer, greener and more sustainable future. 

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