Future Leap Member Spotlight: Health and Wellbeing Support with Ann McCluskey  

Back in January, we had the pleasure of being joined by Ann McCluskey of Finding True North for our event on supporting health and wellbeing in the workplace.  

A member of the Future Leap Network, Finding True North provides coaching, consultancy and training for business owners and professionals looking to develop their wellness and to bring purpose to their lives.  

We’re reflecting on themes discussed, and learning about the connections Ann has made following this event. 

Please tell us about Finding True North and your coaching work 

Finding True North was born out of the uncertain times of ‘Coronavirus Spring 2020’ when I identified a need for people to be better resourced to adapt to huge change rather than become derailed by the ‘noise’ around them. I brought my corporate and personal experience and research together in services designed to help business owners, professionals, and organisations find their ‘true north’. In disconnecting from chaos and reconnecting with clarity – by futureproofing their mind-body health – they create their own point of stillness within a churning world. 

The guiding principle at the heart of my coaching work is that all change starts from the inside – the answers to most of life’s questions are rarely outside of us. I point clients to their natural insight and to the importance of their state of mind and thinking in creating their experience of the world around them. My approach is holistic – integrating simple de-stress practices within sessions with clients who are unable to think clearly or put into words how they are feeling. 

Where does the name ‘Finding True North’ come from? 

When navigating and mapping out unknown territory, we would use the ‘true north’ point on a compass to determine our direction of travel. I see our path in life as a journey of discovery and transformation – searching for what it is we are called to do/be. By following our ‘inner compass’, we are guided towards the path that resonates with our true nature and gives us a clear direction and way forward.

How can you support other businesses in the Future Leap Network? 

Throughout my corporate career, I developed expertise in the human factors of change, coaching leaders through transition and developing wellbeing recovery programmes within a range of business sectors. My experience is steeped in transformation which enables me to provide practical support to business owners and organisations in navigating tough and uncertain times. 

I offer coaching; webinars/workshops; de-stress, meditation, and leadership programmes; speaking at events/conferences. For Network members a discount of 20% would apply. 

What’s your top tip for professionals to prioritise and increase their wellness? 

Plan your business/work around the life you want to live, creating a balance that works for you – one that you can sustain with effortless effort. 

Recently, you were a speaker at the Future Leap event on health and wellbeing in the workplace. What appealed to you about speaking at this event? 

It was a great opportunity to introduce myself, share my message, and give participants an experience of a short relaxation practice and share practical tips for overcoming stress that were easy for them to do for themselves. 

What connections did you make from attending this event and why have they been useful for you and your business? 

A number of participants connected with me on LinkedIn and I have collaborated with two people following the event. I am delighted to have been invited to a podcast interview to explain why energy management is more important and relevant than time management and am returning in June to talk about de-mystifying meditation. These are great opportunities for increasing awareness and visibility for my business 

I have also been commissioned to provide coaching support to managers within a public sector organisation. 

What appeals to you about being part of our sustainable Network? 

The Network resonates strongly with my ethics and values and I appreciate being a member of a community that is driven to make a positive difference for future generations. My contribution lies in sustaining mind-body-spirit health – increasing self-awareness and raising consciousness of the importance of people, planet, and purpose. 

I plan to offer webinars on the health benefits of connecting with nature over the coming months. 

How do you feel being part of the Network has helped support your business? 

Recent Network connections have led to raising the profile and visibility of my business through speaking on a podcast and also securing a coaching contract to support post-pandemic recovery within a public sector organisation. 

Would you recommend becoming a part of the Network or attend our events to other businesses and, if so, why? 

Absolutely yes – without any hesitation! I have already encouraged a business owner to attend an event – not only have they become a member, but have already spoken at an event. I am also hoping that another business owner – who I met recently at another purpose-led community I have joined – also comes along to a future event. 

HR Support for you and your team 

Ann has been working alongside a team of HR professionals within Avon and Somerset Constabulary, delivering a series of monthly wellbeing events for their team. The intention of this programme was to support the team’s personal wellbeing and build their tools and techniques to support colleagues to navigate the challenges ahead in demanding times.  

Within these sessions the team were taught practical techniques for effectively managing the many potential stressors in life – techniques that were simple for them to do for themselves at home and at work.  

Exploring one theme a month, they discussed navigating change, the body-mind link, energy, emotions, sleep and rest, mindset, inner critic, mastering meditation, burnout, and connecting with nature.

In order to access Ann’s generous 20% discount, available to Future Leap Network members, log on to the Future Leap portal and view the ‘Perks and Benefits’ section.

A word from one of Ann’s Clients

“The effect of the pandemic has been far reaching for my team as they have been supporting colleagues and managing many new and complex HR issues over the last 2 years. Ann’s programme of events provided opportunities for the team to recognise, “reset”, and “recharge” their emotional health and wellbeing. Her wealth of skills and experience ensured that each session built on the last one, which I believe gives each and every one of my team the opportunity to support their personal health and wellbeing.Thank you Ann for a great programme” – Head of HR Operations Dorothyanne Russell (FCIPD) 

If this support could be useful to you and your team, contact Anne at info@annmccluskey.co.uk.  

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