Winners of the Future Leap Sustainable Business Awards Announced

The Future Leap team were delighted to host the long-awaited Festival of Sustainable business Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony last week, having been postponed twice due to COVID-19. As such, they were greeted by cheers and applause by over 200 attendees who had eagerly anticipated the event for over two years.  

Hosted by the team at Future Leap, the event took place as Bristol embarks on its City Leap programme, which will lead to a city-wide energy transformation as part of its 2030 net zero ambitions.  

The awards related strongly to the Bristol One City plans, with each category highlighting either Bristol’s climate or ecological strategy goals and objectives.  

Katherine Piper, Head of Partnerships and Sustainability at Future Leap, says “The latest IPCC report urges rapid, deep and immediate cuts in CO2 emissions, peaking in just three years. It really is now or never. The Festival ensures the right organisations are in the one space, helping businesses, communities and householders adapt to this ever more urgent prerogative.  

She added: “Climate action and addressing the impact of the energy crisis are high up on the board agenda currently as C -suite executives increasingly realise the win-win opportunity in terms of a positive impact to their company’s reputation and bottom line from deploying the latest sustainability solutions.” 

The Future Leap Sustainable Business Awards were created as an opportunity for organisations to stand out as leaders in business sustainability and to be recognised for their contributions towards people, planet as well as profit.  

We find ourselves faced with the most critical challenge in the form of the climate crisis, and the actions we take now will have significant repercussions for generations to come. The Festival of Sustainable business and the Future Leap Sustainable Business Awards provide a platform for forward-thinking organisations to share and expand knowledge, as well as making valuable connections.  

Future Leap maintain that collaboration is key in achieving a more sustainable future and encourage businesses to work and celebrate together under the common goal of progressing sustainability at this most decisive time.  

A huge congratulations to all entrees to these awards. The amount of incredible work being done is truly inspiring, making the judging process a true challenge. We look forward to the innovation, collaboration and progress ahead.

The Future Leap Sustainable Business Award Winners 

The Sustainable Buildings Award

Sponsored by Lacham. Presented by Mike Hughes.  


SNUG Homes demonstrated what can be possible for low carbon design, using a considered approach to principals such as Passivhaus, FCV calculator, RIBA 2030, Climate Challenge and GLA net zero standard. They also demonstrated a focused approach on materiality and supply chain interrogation and consideration. Their work takes on a holistically low carbon design, but also brilliant spatial quality and attention to detailing. A very well-deserved win.  

SNUG Homes

Shortlist for the Sustainable Building Award:  

Agile Property and Homes 

Agile scored high across all topics, with a positive approach that was highly commended; utilising available progressive standards but also exploring material uses with the University of Bath. Spatial quality and materiality focused for good, healthy internal environments and low embodied carbon.   

Askew Cavanna Architects 

Askew Cavanna’s Backwell Eco House saw a brownfield self-build approach balance a simple design form with lovely homely internal spatial quality. Future proofing has been considered throughout with a Passivhaus approach, solar gains, a home battery system and PV array.    

Bright Green Futures 

Water Lilies is a progressive approach for a self-build and very much a scalable low carbon housing solution.  Using a microgrid system, with home power pack and substantial PV output supports the scheme for net-zero. 

Proctor & Stevenson 

The Old Printworks is a fantastic refurbishment of an existing building, with a focus on PV to establish 100% renewable energy and substantial power to EV charging.   

Shu Architects 

Shu Architects’ Owl Barn is a brilliant project utilising existing structure, low embodied carbon materials, specialist internal air quality requirements for alleviating allergies and certified Passivhaus. Judges were impressed with their holistic approach to the project.  

The Reduction of Waste and Consumption Award 

Sponsored by EQUANS (formerly ENGIE). Presented by Matthew Jellings. 

WINNER: Fable and Form  

The judges were deeply impressed at how Fable and Form are working to change the impact of interior design; an area where traditionally waste and associated carbon impacts are high. Judges felt that incorporating better design solutions was a challenging area to work within and commended Fable and Form’s efforts to take into consideration all areas of sustainability within their design solutions; from talking to their supply chain and working with local suppliers, to educating their clients and the wider industry.  

Fable and Form

Shortlist for the Reduction of Waste and Consumption Award  

The Bristol Hotel 

The Bristol Hotel were shortlisted as finalists for this award due to considerations being made throughout the hotel as to how they could reduce, reuse and recycle. Refill stations for guests’ water and toiletries, separated food and other “waste”, chemical free cleaning products and an active Green Team all demonstrated the hotel’s commitment to sustainability. 


The judges commended Dopple for their holistic approach to sustainable fashion; addressing issues around fast fashion and the carbon and waste associated with shipping and packaging. They were also impressed with the educational element of Dopple’s activities. 

Oat Float 

The judges felt the Oat Float’s offer of a refill shop on wheels was a great idea in terms of both convenience and raising the profile of how to shop in a more sustainable way. They also felt that the educational work via social media was impressive. 


Presca’s commitment to sustainable sportswear is very apparent in their application, particularly by their commitment to their own Extended Producer Responsibility, taking back clothing and reclaiming anything useable. Packaging, carbon, energy from waste and education were all also well considered by Presca.  

The Sustainable Travel and Transport Award 

Sponsored by TLT. Presented by Becky Panton 

WINNER: Digital Detox  

The judges were impressed by Digital Detox’s commitment to reduce their travel-related carbon emissions which they have nearly halved, as well as by their wider sustainability actions, including applying for B Corp accreditation. The judges also commended the Digital Detox team for their innovations around tracking scope 3 supply chain emissions.

Digital Detox

Shortlist for the Sustainable Travel and Transport Award 

Cycling Works 

The judges were really impressed with how Cycling Works promotes bike use, having amassed over 50 organisations declaring their support within the region. Cycling Works demonstrated some very tangible goals around facilitating cycling in the region and how organisations can get on board.  


GENeco has employed multiple strategies to reduce their travel/transport carbon emissions, chargepoints, cycle2work schemes, flexible working, public transport campaigns, car sharing etc. They have also supported innovation through their biomethane powered vehicles. 


Sustrans has a strong commitment to encouraging active travel amongst their employees. They have a robust hybrid working policy, offer bikeability courses, cycle-to-work schemes and completely avoid air travel in all but exceptional circumstances.  


The Zap Map app helps electric vehicle (EV) drivers search for available charge points, removing knowledge gaps and barriers to EV adoption. The judges were impressed with how their senior leadership team led by example and the supportive company culture.  

The Natural Environment Award 

Sponsored by Michelmores. Presented by Rachel O’Connor. 

WINNER: 9Trees  

Judges were impressed with 9Trees nuanced and thoroughly considered approach to tree planting, including critical aftercare, volunteer engagement, proven track record and their Community Interest Company structure. 9Trees dedication towards supporting biodiversity while also creating purposeful jobs within the countryside sector is deeply commendable.  


Shortlist for the Natural Environment Award 

Storm Consultancy  

Storm Consultancy demonstrated that any organisation, no matter what their central focus, can make a difference. A great example and inspiration for all organisations to take responsibility and dedicate time and resource to making an impact.  

Frank Water 

Frank Water were shortlisted due to their long-standing dedication towards providing a water secure future for communities impacted by dirty drinking water, while also building partnerships for collective action, advocacy to influence government action and issue-based advocacy.  

Seaweed Surf Shack 

Securing a safe and nutritious supply of protein that does not contribute towards climate change and biodiversity loss is an issue that is not widely covered, but is one of the biggest global challenges. Seaweed Surf Shack were selected for the shortlist due to their contribution towards the Natural Environment of our seas and oceans.  

Avon Wildlife Trust 

A household name and longstanding institution, the Avon Wildlife Trust is a much-loved and trusted organisation that continue to fight for the Natural Environment across the Bristol, Bath, North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. The Trust were selected for their unwavering commitment to the job at hand.

The Communicating the Climate and Ecological Emergency Award 

Sponsored by Skylark Media. Presented by Jo Haywood

WINNER: Up Our Street

A unanimous decision from the judging panel saw this Eastgate Community Trust project secure the Communications award. With a highly replicable model that could be tailored to communities across the UK, Up Our Street stood out in their highly innovative methods to communicate the climate and ecological emergency. A fun and inclusive project that shares many different perspectives, Up Our Street encourages involvement within the immediate community while also facilitating discussions surrounding the most pressing matters of our time through their podcast and community magazine.

Up Our Street

Shortlist for the Communicating the Climate and Ecological Emergency Award 

Global Goals Centre 

Commended for their inclusive approach towards engaging diverse audiences in all aspects of their operations, the Global Goals Centre brings social justice to the forefront of their work. A brilliant example of creating empowering narrative through a variety of media, their campaigns take many forms while targeting potentially overlooked audiences, the impact of which was clear.  

Bristol 24/7 

Judges were impressed with Bristol 24/7’s unique membership model, which brings organisations together to collaborate for positive change in Bristol. This model provides them with freedom to explore innovative approaches to journalism, and the opportunity to feature underrepresented voices from all corners of the city to share what they really think about the climate and ecological emergency.  

Ambition Lawrence Weston 

A project that took the time to carefully engage with their stakeholders through activities and formats that would appeal to their audiences, Ambition Lawrence Weston are certainly ambitious in their action plan to support Bristol’s efforts to become net zero.  

Art & Energy  

Judges enjoyed seeing the creative arts being used to raise awareness for the climate and ecological emergency. Their mass-participation programmes help their audience to engage with their own responses to the emergency, while harnessing hope for the future.  

The Festival of Sustainable Business Awards Gala Dinner 

Speakers for the evening included:  

  • Damian O’Donovan of Termex, kind sponsors of the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony. Termex offers cellulose fibre insulation, a recycled, natural and net-zero method of keeping your home warm.  
  • Carl Tuttiett of Brunel, headline sponsors of the Festival of Sustainable Business. Brunel provide complete insurance and financial planning for their clients.  
  • Mike Barry, keynote speaker for the evening. Until recently, Mike was the Director of Sustainable Business at Marks and Spenser, spearheading its ground-breaking Plan A.  
  • Entertaiment by Martin Kiszko, the UK’s green poet.  

The Future Leap team would like to thank all those involved in the Festival of Sustainable Business. Many thanks to the Bristol Hotel for a delicious, sustainably sourced, vegan meal (we’re so proud to say that every single meal served was vegan, as no one opted for the meat option), to the sponsors for their support, to our speakers for their expertise and entertainment and to our awards finalists for their inspiration, as well as Connor of Rubbish Ideas for crafting the beautiful awards.  

It doesn’t end there. The third and final part of the Festival of Sustainable Business will be an exhibition this Thursday (23rd June) at Paintworks. Register here for free!  

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