Why The Cost of Living Crisis Presents Opportunities for Green Business

As the cost of living crisis deepens, leading to fears of an all-out recession, more and more people are looking to green alternatives to help them save money and cut back on gas usage.

For many, the cost of living crisis will necessitate cut-backs, and their ‘greener’ style of living will take the form of anti-consumption. After all, for a lot of UK households the purse strings tightening means all spendable income is off the table.

But while bills have gone up for everyone, it doesn’t mean all families and businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Those who already had a higher income or plenty of savings might be looking to change their financial budgeting in different ways. And rather than putting their credit cards away altogether, they’ll be seeking cheaper and greener alternatives to expensive gas and petrol.

Solar panels, green energy, and electric vehicles are all examples of outgoings that will, in the long run, help households live more cheaply month to month – while making less impact on the planet. Of course, for many households the idea of forking out on a big expense like this during a financial crisis is impossible.

But for those who can – or those who have been thinking about making the switch and just needed a nudge – this is the ideal time to invest in greener technologies.

The move away from gas-powered homes and heating systems is a vital step toward Britain’s 2050 net-zero target, so if you run a green business and are looking to promote your services to those seizing the cost of living crisis as an opportunity to make the change, now is the best time to get your product to market and start reaching your potential new audiences.

If you need help with marketing your green business to reach more customers, get in touch with OggaDoon today. We’re experts in working with sustainable businesses, from launching to market to reaching niche groups looking to live greener while supporting ethical companies.

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