Installer for Termex Insulation

Become an installer of the UK’s new supermaterial!

Termex is a Finnish brand of cellulose fibre insulation which is the quickest solution for under-insulated lofts, draughty roofs and floors. We are now arranging one-day training sessions in Bristol for both companies and newcomers to the construction industry who would like to install our 100% sustainable insulation made from renewable raw materials.

What we require from you?

  • Organisation skills
  • Enthusiasm in making a real green effort change to our world
  • Basic experience in construction is welcome
  • No age or gender restrictions

What we offer:

  • Entrance into the world of green insulation retrofitting and upgrading your green construction skills
  • Overview of basic marketing skills and approaches necessary to run an installer business
  • Job opportunities for insulation fitting workers to be made available as of June 2023

Learn more at

If you’re interested, please register for training at

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