Buro Happold

Buro Happold is a world-class global practice of engineers, consultants and advisers. Through integrated thinking and a truly interdisciplinary, interconnected community of passionate experts, they create transformative outcomes for clients and communities alike. This culture of collaboration and respect is as strong today as ever and drives Buro Happold to deliver elegant solutions that leave a positive lasting legacy for the communities they work in and the environment. They value human well-being, embrace mutual responsibility and understand that a sustainable future is intrinsic to the economic and social impact of their work. Buro Happold believes their biggest responsibility is to shift from sustainability goal setting and planning, into action and implementation. Please see Buro Happold’s latest Sustainability Report here.

Buro Happold will be able to work with other network members to share knowledge and experience and collaborate to support continuous improvement

Why are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network?

To be able to speak to others facing similar problems in the shift towards more sustainable business practices, and learn from others’ experience and expertise. 

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