My Journey at Future Leap: Georgia Goldstone on Youth and Sustainability

Hello Future Leapers, 

I’m Georgia, one of Future Leap’s Events and Marketing Coordinators. In my final week here, I’m taking over the newsletter introduction from Katherine Piper, our Head of Partnerships and Sustainability, to reflect on the past year. I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be joining Ernst and Young’s Corporate Finance Graduate Scheme in Canary Wharf this September. I am excited to see Future Leap continually inspire organisations to accelerate their sustainability journey.

Young people today are taking initiative and acknowledging the urgent need for climate action. Driven by a deep sense of responsibility to address environmental challenges, our efforts aim to preserve our planet for future generations and rectify mistakes of the past. During my time at Future Leap, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of visual marketing and event coordination projects, with the Festival of Sustainable Business being a standout highlight. It has been a privilege to be surrounded by a talented and supportive team whose dedication and passion for sustainability are truly infectious. We are incredibly proud to announce to our community that these efforts have earned us B Corp™ certification! 

Having lived in Bristol for the past four years, the culture of strong community spirit and sustainability initiatives creates an environment where residents are empowered to make a positive impact. I especially love the eco-friendly cafes and independent businesses along Gloucester Road, anchored by Future Leap’s co-working space and eco-lifestyle shop at the heart of this independent shopping district. Engaging in conversations about sustainable business practices has led me to adopt more conscious consumption habits, including using active transportation, choosing slow fashion, and reducing food waste. This personal commitment reflects a broader trend among young people who are increasingly re-evaluating their impact on the planet. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Future Leap has been the community of like-minded individuals. With our weekly event topics ranging from environmental technologies and AI to social value and behaviour change, I have heard from passionate thought leaders driving change in their fields. Some of my personal favourite Future Leap membership perks include the free monthly yoga sessions (run by Aim2Be) and the dinner and drink socials, introducing me to people I would never have met otherwise.   

Before graduating from the University of Bristol, I envisioned a career in product or fashion marketing. However, my experiences over the past year have shifted my focus towards advocating for a positive social cause. This shift is emblematic of a broader trend among young professionals who are seeking careers that offer not just financial rewards, but also a sense of purpose and fulfillment. My experiences here at Future Leap will undoubtedly shape my approach to business and advocacy in my career. For example, the focus on net zero targets and sustainable investments will be pivotal in my next role in financial consultancy, where companies are increasingly being held accountable for their environmental impact.   

Overall, the urgency of climate change has made sustainability a key value for our generation, motivating actions driven by both creativity and responsibility. Despite the challenges, this effort is highly rewarding and provides a strong sense of purpose and community. For this reason, Future Leap continues to showcase innovative solutions as a tool to tackle this crisis together. 

Moving onto Future Leap’s business updates, our consultancy team recently completed a project for North Somerset Council to provide low-carbon business support for SMEs across the region. We have conducted decarbonisation surveys on 29 businesses, allowing them to apply for funding to upgrade heating and energy systems. Our reports have measured 724 tCO2e of scope 1 / 2 emissions and identified over 377 tCO2e of reductions to be achieved through implementation of solar PV, heat pumps, and building fabric upgrades.   

Furthermore, the Festival of Sustainable Business 2024 promises to be significant, bringing together businesses from across the South-West to drive lasting behaviour change. Our upcoming Exhibition on September 19th has already filled over 50% of its exhibitor spaces, offering a free platform for organisations and individuals to collaborate toward advancing sustainability goals. Register as an exhibitor today and enjoy a £100 discount on exhibitor packages for Future Leap members! 

Our Sustainable Business Awards Ceremony will take place on November 14th, celebrating purpose-driven businesses striving to make a positive impact. We are excited to announce that entries are now open for submissions from June 10th to October 10th! The award categories include B Corp, Communications, Travel, Retrofit, and Biodiversity. Applying for awards is free and you can apply for multiple categories. Apply now by downloading our form to be recognised as a sustainability leader!  

As I prepare to move on, I am grateful for this unforgettable year working within Bristol’s dynamic business community. With the expansion of our core business services and the addition of new team members, I look forward to witnessing Future Leap’s continued success. 

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