Work Experience Blog: Craig from Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School

During my two days at Future Leap, I have learned that the company provides organisations with the space, knowledge, contacts, and tools needed to accelerate their sustainability journey and achieve net zero. I’ve observed that various team members specialize in different roles, such as sustainability consultancy, finance, and events, ensuring that there is something meaningful for everyone to contribute. 

When I arrived at Future Leap, I knew they focused on sustainability, but I wasn’t sure what to expect or what my role would be. Within the first hour, I received a thorough tour of the Clifton Hub, an old chapel that now serves as a serene and private workspace with peaceful meeting rooms. Later in the day, I participated in two meetings that deepened my understanding of sustainability and highlighted the significance of the work being done at Future Leap. These experiences helped me grasp why people are so dedicated to this cause and the importance of their efforts.  

Climate change is a critical issue, yet I feel that many people are reluctant to take action, assuming others will handle it. I learnt that while recycling and using renewable energy are helpful, they represent only a fraction of the solution. Future Leap has shown me that waste is just a small part of our emissions; other factors are far more significant. This company has dedicated itself to achieving net zero emissions and has earned B-Corp certification with an impressive score of 83.2, compared to the UK average of 50.9. This is a testament to their exceptional commitment and hard work.  

My experience at Future Leap pleasantly surprised me compared to my initial expectations. Instead of a single office space, I found an extensive facility that also rents out space to other businesses. The co-working spaces feature beautifully crafted wooden furniture and a commitment to sustainability, including the use of renewable energy and efforts to minimize carbon emissions . On my final day, I learned that everything in the Gloucester Road hub is crafted from recycled materials and sourced sustainably, significantly benefiting the environment. The heating system is environmentally friendly, and even the carpets are made from recycled fishing nets. It’s impressive how Future Leap repurposes materials from previous businesses to create such a cosy and inviting atmosphere, which I didn’t fully appreciate until one of the staff members explained it to me.

My experience at Future Leap has been truly transformative, immersing me in a dynamic environment dedicated to sustainability. From day one, I’ve been struck by their unwavering commitment to equipping organisations with the resources and expertise needed to achieve net zero emissions. The team, comprising experts in sustainability, finance and events, exemplifies the diverse roles crucial for driving environmental change. Engaging in a variety of meetings and projects has deepened my understanding of sustainable practices and underscored the power of collective action. Future Leap’s innovative approach and supportive community have not only enriched my knowledge but also ignited a passion within me to actively contribute to building a more sustainable future. 

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