Future Leap’s Wildlife Photography Exhibition

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On the evening of World Wildlife Day (3rd March), Future Leap opened their doors to over 100 attendees to officially open the Future Leap Wildlife Photography Exhibition. The exhibition was kindly sponsored by Niche Frames, who printed all of the photographs on bamboo paper and supplied the mounts and frames. 

The exhibition came to fruition to highlight the beauty of UK biodiversity and the importance of protecting our local habitats. It also gave a platform for budding photographers to showcase their passions, many exhibiting for the first time. 

As the opening night began, attendees enjoyed some sustainably-sourced catering and informal networking whilst taking their first look at the 18 photographs on display.

The 18 exhibitors were: 

  • Amanda Bright (IG: amanda.brightjane) 
  • Alessandro Riccarelli (_alessandro_riccarelli )
  • Archie Taplin (IG: archibaldredfox) 
  • Chris Hill (IG: chrshill) 
  • Daisy Brasington (IG:rtf_photography) 
  • Daniel Callejo Rossi (IG: danielcallejorossi) 
  • George Jones (IG: huntingforworms) 
  • Joe Layton (IG: joe.n.layton) 
  • Kathryn McDonald (IG: lifeelenzz) 
  • Kirsty Andrews (IG: kirstyjandrews) 
  • Louise Carpenter 
  • Molly Penny (IG: mol.ep) 
  • Nathan Williams (IG: reliablenath) 
  • Rupert Gale (IG: watch_wildlife)  
  • Sarah Matthews  
  • Stephen Matthews (IG: Stephen_matthews_photography) 
  • Steven Edgar 
  • Stewart Downes (downesphotography.com) 

The event was very buzzy and after some exciting conversations whilst the attendees got through the door, Katherine Piper of Future Leap welcomed everyone in the seminar space before giving an insight into The Future Leap Network, Future Leap Hub and the Festival of Sustainable Business.  

She then introduced the keynote speakers: 

  • Ian Barrett, Chief Executive, Avon Wildlife Trust 
  • Lucie Muir, CEO, Wildscreen 

The speakers were inspiring and emphasised that the UK has a beautiful, diverse natural ecosystem that often goes unnoticed. With the Climate and Ecological Emergency playing an ever increasing part of our lives, it is time to draw attention to our most precious wildlife and natural habitats. With more attention and education on the beauty and fragility of UK’s biodiversity, we can better protect and support our island’s natural habitats. 

Katherine then officially opened the exhibition, where she explained how attendees can vote for their favourite exhibit. She then brought the seminar section to a close, thanking our sponsor Niche Frames, the speakers, exhibitors and attendees for their insight and interest. Everyone stayed for more drinks, gallery viewing and voting until the event was closed.

The printing, mounting and framing was kindly provided by the event sponsor, Niche Frames. They are a Bristol based business that has been picture framing since 1995. First started in Stokes Croft, the so called ‘beating heart of Bristol’, they quickly became an institution for upcoming artists and art buyers to take their work. They are now settled on Zetland Road, framing and printing for some of Bristol’s best artists and photographers.

The exhibition continued until 5pm on Wednesday 9th March, in the Future Leap coworking break out space where members of the public and hub users could look around and vote. 

Here are our finalists photographs in no particular order:

Molly Penny (IG: mol.ep) 
Archie Taplin (IG: archibaldredfox) 
Alessandro Riccarelli (_alessandro_riccarelli)
Steven Edgar 
Stewart Downes (downesphotography.com)
Louise Carpenter
George Jones (IG: huntingforworms)
Daisy Brasington (IG: rtf_photography)
Kathryn McDonald (IG: lifeelenzz)
Rupert Gale (IG: watch_wildlife)
Joe Layton (IG: joe.n.layton)
Kirsty Andrews (IG: kirstyjandrews)
Amanda Bright (IG: amanda.brightjane)
Chris Hill (IG: chrshill)
Nathan Williams (IG: reliablenath

 The voting was active and buzzy all week, and after the gallery closed the winners were: 

First place: Sarah Matthews 

Second place: Stephen Matthews  

(IG: Stephen_matthews_photography)

Third place: Daniel Rossi   

(IG: danielcallejorossi)

Thank you to all of our participants and we had so much fun running our first exhibition. We cannot wait to run another one in a few months – watch this space!

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