Our story

Future Leap provides a hub and support network for businesses looking to progress their sustainability journey.

Progress Sustainability

We give organisations the space, knowledge and tools to accelerate their sustainability journey and progress towards Net Zero.

We do this by showcasing innovative solutions, facilitating future-thinking discussions and collaborating with one another. 

A Sustainable Business Network

Future Leap Network was first established in 2005. Having been set up at this time, the network was ahead of the curve. Challenges were experienced in persuading people and organisations to move away from business as usual and to consider their practices through a sustainability lens. As time has progressed, it is encouraging to see more and more organisations get on board.  

Over the years, Future Leap has become one of the largest green business networks in the UK, with collaboration and innovation at the heart of everything we do, using these as tools in tackling the climate crisis together. 

“The recent IPCC reports highlight the fact that it is now more important than ever that sustainability is at the very heart of our decision making, be it in our professional or personal lives. I am so proud to be a part of the Future Leap family, working tirelessly to show that sustainable business practices are not only viable, they are a better, more fruitful and enjoyable, way of doing business.” Katherine Piper, Head of Partnerships and Sustainability

The team behind the Future Leap Network have years of experience facilitating high-quality sustainability-related events and networking opportunities for a business audience. These events are now hybrid, meaning that they take place online as well as in person, paving the way for us to having welcomed attendees from as far afield as Australia to share in our sustainability discussions.

Our story

Festival of Sustainable Business

We find ourselves faced with the most critical challenge in the form of the climate crisis, and the actions we take now will have significant repercussions for generations to come. The Festival of Sustainable Business provides a platform for forward-thinking organisations to share and expand knowledge, as well as making valuable connections.

The inaugural Festival of Sustainable Business was launched by the Future Leap team in 2018. This crucial event saw 1,500 attendees, over 60 expert speakers and over 50 exhibitors, all with the shared aim of progressing the Bristol region’s sustainability.

We maintain that collaboration is key in achieving a more sustainable future, and encouraging businesses to work together under the common goal of progressing sustainability at this most decisive time. The Festival is an opportunity to reflect on progress and achievements, while also turning attention to what we must do to reach net zero by 2050. The Festival showcases the innovative technologies and services available and will celebrate the businesses leading the way and inspiring the next generation.

festival of sustainable business
festival of sustainable business
festival of sustainable business
co working

Sustainability Hub

In response to the climate and ecological emergency, the Future Leap Hub was opened on Gloucester Road, Bristol, in 2019 – the first carbon neutral co-working space of its kind in the UK.

Our Director, Alan Bailey, had set his sights on a physical manifestation of the progressive solutions that we recommend to the Network all under one roof. This would act as somewhere for people to experience environmental technologies and sustainability products and practices in action, in turn inspiring them to move in the same direction.

Leading by example and championing all things sustainable, through showcasing innovative solutions in our environmental tech and product zone, Future Leap also facilitates progressive discussions through our weekly events programme, fostering collaboration in our co-working space, partnering with both forward-thinking organisations and individuals whilst providing holistic sustainability consultancy.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and offer all our Network members the opportunity for a one-to-one meeting with a member of the Future Leap team, in which we explore areas of opportunity and the progression of their sustainability. We respond to this accordingly, curating connections from within the wider community or directing members to our various services.

The hub on Gloucester Road forms the epicentre of the Future Leap community. Complete with an exhibition space and eco-lifestyle shop, sustainability is embedded throughout the building itself. You can read more about the sustainability journey behind the project below. 

Future Leap Clifton

In Spring 2022, we open the doors to our second co-working site, set within a beautiful period building in the Clifton area of Bristol. The Old Chapel sits on Oakfield Road, and boasts bright and spacious meeting rooms and offices. 

We are thrilled to be taking on a new project in the form of progressing the sustainability of a period property, as well as creating collaborative space for our expanding community. 

Future Leap Clifton, a beautiful old chapel building
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