Meet the team

The best part of working for Future Leap? A team of wonderful, passionate people.

Alan Bailey, Future Leap Director

Alan Bailey

Fenna Leake, Future Leap Managing Director

Fenna Leake

Managing Director
Katherine Piper, Head of Partnerships and Sustainability

Katherine Piper

Director of Partnerships & Sustainability

Dan Proctor

Director of Future Leap Finance
Molly Byrne, Director of Business Development

Molly Byrne

Director of Business Development
Tom Batten, Head of Consultancy

Tom Batten

Head of Consultancy
Deepika Kesar, Future Leap Hub Manager, Gloucester Road

Deepika Kesar

Future Leap Hub Manager
Gloucester Road
Josh Krysiak, Future Leap Hub Manager, Clifton

Josh Krysiak

Future Leap Hub Manager
Simeon Pudney, Café and Catering Manager

Simeon Pudney

Café & Catering Manager
Davina Gilbert, Events Manager

Davina Gilbert

Events Manager
Chloe Raynor, Communications and Marketing Manager

Chloe Raynor

Communications & Marketing Manager
Katie Clubb, Business Network Account Manager

Katie Clubb

Business Network Account
Damon Lisseman, Finance Controller

Damon Lisseman

Finance Controller
Amazon Rose, Events and Marketing Officer

Amazon Rose

Events & Marketing Officer
Megan Foster Flaharty, Communications and Marketing Officer

Megan Foster Flaharty

Communications & Marketing Officer
Eve Morris, Trainee Office Manager

Eve Morris

Trainee Assistant Office Manager
Skylar Sharples, Festival Officer

Skylar Sharples

Festival Officer
Max Shirley, Consultancy and Retrofit Coordinator

Max Shirley

Consultancy & Retrofit Coordinator
Luc Drepaul, Consultancy Coordinator

Luc Drepaul

Consultancy Coordinator
Tyler Layland Jones

Tyler Leyland Jones

Café Supervisor
Shania Smith

Shania Smith

Retail & Reception Coordinator
Caroline Lake

Caroline Lake

Retail & Reception Coordinator
Claudia Cordova, Future Leap Network Coordinator

Claudia Cordova

Business Network Coordinator
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