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B corp

Certification for Environmental and Social Performance

B Corp is the best known, most respected, and highly credible holistic sustainability certification currently available to businesses wanting to be a force for good. The B Impact assessment is a fully comprehensive analysis of your business’ operations, accounting for the impact your business has on the environment, your customers, your staff, and the communities in which you operate. 

Certified B Corps consistently outperform the market, attract, and retain the best talent, and clearly communicate your company’s ethics and values – all of which is especially good for People, Planet and Profit. 

Our B Corp Coaching Service

Completing the assessment requires a thorough audit of all internal policies, partnerships, outputs and social contributions to ensure that their impact is positive. Future Leap can provide a B Corp coaching and mentoring service that breaks the impact assessment down into manageable chunks, providing help and advice alongside useful resources such as policy templates.  

Our course can be delivered to individual businesses, or as part of a cohort, running several times per year. We guarantee to get your business to the point where you are confident applying for certification and can comply with B Corp’s robust auditing procedures. We also offer ongoing support for businesses looking to re-certify. 

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