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Supporting the Future Leap Community finance their journey to Net Zero

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Financing a sustainable future

Our mission is to provide network members with financing options to support sustainable business activities through: 

  • Property retrofit & development
  • Eco-products
  • Environmental technologies

Future Leap Finance can provide you with well-priced funding
that is 100% suitable for your circumstances and the technology being acquired. Our panel of lenders are chosen due to their approach to ESG from an internal perspective together with a forward thinking approach to impact lending and scrutiny to ensure an ethical source of funds.

At the core of our service is the support for tech providers and retrofit suppliers to be 100% confident of offering their prospective customers an easy way to build a business case for investment in Net Zero.

Investment into your Net Zero journey typically increases your annual cash-flow via our affordability options from a panel of ethical lenders. Research shows that 24% of SMEs see the main barrier to becoming a more sustainable business is lack of budget availability. Depending on your type of business and where you are in your evolution; Future Leap can support your Net Zero ambitions.

Asset Finance

Traditional Hire Purchase agreements support our members’ requirements for investment into their business. Transparent agreements allow for well-priced arrangements that protect the customer. Assets funded range from technology equipment and vehicles to substantial renewable energy investments

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Business Loans

Sometimes a more straightforward loan arrangement is a better fit when considering an investment in the business. These can be used for working capital requirements or for investing in projects that don’t have a requisite hard asset. Short term loans are available for bridging purposes.

Sales-Aid Leasing

Customers have swung to demanding that they can procure equipment & solutions on a monthly payment basis. Sales-aid leasing supports our network of suppliers to be able to satisfy customer demands whilst benefitting from a cash injection into their company with each contract executed.

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Structured Finance

For those occasions where there is the opportunity to structure core contracts to allow cash to be released without the requirement for a separate customer debt instrument. Ideal for companies selling on a subscription and for higher ticket value transactions.

Consumer Lending

A welcome addition to the portfolio allows Future Leap Finance Ltd to put in place a well-priced scheme for members selling to consumers and wanting to offer monthly price options. Support to ensure that members are in line with FCA regulatory requirements means that schemes are up & running in weeks not months.

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Contact Future Leap Finance Ltd

Future Leap Finance Ltd are a credit broker, not a lender.

We will at all times act in your best interests when sourcing credit based on the requirements you disclose to us. When this is agreed with you, we will provide you with information about the product to ensure you understand your responsibilities and commitments, before proceeding.

Future Leap Finance Ltd  |  Registration Number : 13982042  |  Registered Office : 1-3 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, BRISTOL, BS7 8AA

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