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Future Leap Eco-fit is your trusted partner in seamless retrofit contract management. We specialize in bridging the gap between clients seeking efficient upgrades for their properties and skilled installers ready to bring those upgrades to life.

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures a smooth and hassle-free retrofit process from inception to completion. With Eco-fit, you can expect a tailored and expertly managed experience that maximizes the value of your retrofit investments.

At Eco-fit, we are committed to empowering businesses with eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions that not only minimize environmental impact but also boost operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With our team of expert professionals and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by SMEs, we are dedicated to helping you transform your business into a beacon of sustainability. Discover how innovative retrofitting strategies can elevate your company’s environmental performance while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Meet the Team

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James Sessions-Hodge: Head of Eco-Fit

James has a unique ability to communicate clearly and engage closely with clients on all aspects of business, from environmental technology to project management and aftersales care. Experienced gained from a multitude of business sectors which includes FMCG area manager for Carlsberg-Tetley, property & sales management for Knight Frank, sustainable waste to energy technologies for the oil & gas sector and setting up a recycled rubber surfacing company which led to building recyclable artificial sports pitches across the southwest of England. He is a gifted orator with a drive and energy that motivates the teams he works with to deliver results. His passion for the environment and helping clients find the right solution are the perfect mix as he heads up the Eco-Fit business at Future Leap.

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Molly Byrne: Director of Business Development

Molly has over 7 years of experience working within the sustainability, green technology and ESG markets in the UK and internationally. After graduating with a degree in Geography and Environmental Management, she started her career working in the renewable energy sector in Asia, managing impact investment projects in wind farms in South India and securing alternative financial returns through UN carbon credit accreditation. Her expertise is the development and implementation of both business and investment strategies to ensure financial returns, viability and positive environmental impact. In her role as Business Development Director at Future Leap, she is leveraging the existing Future Leap businesses activities to identify market gaps and the potential business opportunities they present.

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Call us at 0117 945 8730 or send your enquiry to: ecofit@futureleap.co.uk

Alternatively, use the enquiry form and one of the team will get back to you.

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