Wall Insulation

More and more customers are now asking for environmentally friendly insulation. Natural cellulose fibre made from recycled newsprint and cardboard  can be reused at the end of its life (50+ years). Cellulose wall insulation offers a natural net-zero method of keeping your house warm.

Cellulose wool can be blown into virtually any space: attics, under floors, between walls. Even in cavities if the conditions are right. Cellulose wool is blown into spaces dry and contains no toxic chemicals or fossil fuels.

It forms a seamless layer which also tightly fills all sorts of odd-shaped members and surfaces. It does not leave any waste to be disposed of after the installation. In most cases, cellulose insulation does not require any adjustments or significant changes in the existing structure of the building or dry lining.

Cellulose wall insulation is quick, easy, and safe for any trained professional to install. There is no need to take up floorboards and there’s no waste or mess. Homeowners can start benefiting from the insulation within hours. Cellulose wool are breathable and completely resistant to mould growth.

Compared to other insulation, cellulose wool is affordable, cost effective, and sustainable. It’s guaranteed to reduce your heating bill by 30-50%, with homeowners likely to start seeing a return on investment in as little as a couple of months.

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