EQUANS is the market leader in services-led activity across 17 countries. Globally, the Group employs 74,000 people with revenues of €12 billion.

Here in the UK, their 13,500 employees combine their skills and knowledge to provide low-carbon energy solutions, technical and FM services and regeneration projects that will enable their customers to achieve their net zero goals and support them in their transitions for modernisation and sustainable development.

EQUANS Places & Communities division are focused on regenerating and improving the environment we live in, from providing the people, services and products that effect positive change in a community, to building, heating and powering the spaces that they can thrive in.​​​​​​​

With their Bristol office, they enable communities in the SW region to realise their full potential through place making and place shaping, considering every aspect of the process needed to successfully and sustainably improve and maintain local areas

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