Future Leap x Lucy & Yak Support Sustainable Fashion Week’s 2022 Catwalk 

On a beautiful autumnal evening of Wednesday 21st September 2022, Sustainable Fashion Week hosted its 2022 Catwalk at the stunning Mount Without. Future Leap partnered with Lucy and Yak to bring ¼ of the catwalk – the first section, “Regenerate” (sustainable new). 

The catwalk was split into 4 themes, each hosted by a community partner: 

  • Regenerate – Future Leap x Lucy & Yak 
  • Rewear – Wear My Wardrobe Out 
  • Repurpose – Black 2 Nature 
  • Reconnect – City of Bristol College 

Outfits were created, styled and modeled by students, makers, brands, designers and individuals from Sustainable Fashion Week’s creative community.

Seven amazing models joined the team to showcase Lucy & Yak outfits on the runway. 

  • Anna Williams 
  • Moon Immisch 
  • Teo Horsley 
  • Kotryna Kuskyte     
  • Leyth Hampshire 
  • Blaise Penny-Kirkwood      
  • Pom Pom (Hazel) 

The models were supported with Benecos makeup and hair styling by Georgia Wheadon, a wonderful local makeup artist. 

Throughout the day, the team joined the other three partners with fittings, rehearsals and lively preparation. By the time the event began, all partners were ready to show off their creations! 

Katherine Piper, Director of Sustainability at Future Leap, introduced the Regenerate section with a summary of Future Leap, some exciting news about Lucy & Yak’s expansion, and finally an explanation of the looks being shown by the models. 

The models then rocked the catwalk showcasing 11 looks to a crowd of nearly 250 people, before the host handed over to the next theme – “Rewear”. The following three themes offered a beautiful, energetic and community-led catwalk experience. These were interspersed with inspiring talks and crowd discussions that left the crowd motivated to pursue a sustainably-sourced fashion lifestyle. 

After the final theme was showcased, all models from all partners were invited to the catwalk one final time to celebrate the end of the event! 

About Lucy and Yak 

The looks were a mixture of Lucy and Yak’s brand new Autumn Winter collection and their Depop stock.  

All of their Autumn Winter collection is Organic or Recycled (as always). It is also eligible for their Re:Yak initiative in collaboration with Beyond Retro. This means when you no longer have use for the garment you can take it to any Beyond Retro store and exchange it for a Lucy and Yak voucher to use against your next purchase. Beyond Retro will then sell your second-hand item to a new lovely owner or recycle it with ‘Love not Landfill’.  

Lucy and Yak are opening a new store in Bristol at the end of this month that will become an upcycling hub with lots of repair & upcycling workshops encouraging people to take care of their garments and keep them in circulation for longer. Circularity is Lucy and Yak’s main goal as we all move towards a more sustainable future.   

All of their Depop stock is imperfect. This means any Lucy & Yak products that have minor defects are still purchased from their suppliers, and sold on at a discount on their depop store. This means nothing goes to landfill, the supplier gets paid, and you get a lovely pair of Yaks for a little less. 

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