Nature Connection

Connecting people, place and purpose with nature through outdoor education, enhanced well-being practices and creating spaces for nature.   
Environmental education is brought alive in this way for children, young people and adults in different sectors of society:  business sites and schools to hospital and communities.   Nature CIC have decades of experience training teachers and forest school staff .   

In Healthcare they run bespoke nature-based programs for groups including inpatients, staff and care teams as well as bespoke programs for specialist and complex needs, carers, refugees, dementia.  

Affiliated with UWE, Forest of Avon Trust, Bristol Medical School, Nat’ Centre for integrative Medicine, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Forest School Association, UK Schools Sustainability Network. 

Eco-anxiety is now understood to be reduced, or even converted into a sense of agency, when action is taken to better connect between your community and the natural world. 

Tom Walmsley and Jon Attwood have both worked on these skills, across the different sectors, for 30 years between them. 

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