Branch Cider

Branch is a zero waste craft cider company founded to support the West Country’s rapidly disappearing cider orchards. Founder Ed Gibson started Branch when he discovered that Bristol’s very own cider orchard could no longer find a market for its apples.

Branch aim to make great ciders that get Bristolians excited about our world class local apple varieties. Branch are running a crowdfunder to support Bristol’s forgotten local cider orchard and are working on a returnable bottle scheme and refillable alternative to bag in box. Ed previously founded Bristol’s cider boat The Apple and US craft cider brand Austin Eastciders.

Excited to connect with others building sustainable businesses, Branch are driven to help build a network of like minded individuals, shaping introductions and advice on further developing their green credentials and funding streams.

As a start-up they are at an early stage of their journey, but they have set their business up with sustainability at the centre of their model from the outset.

Branch Cider Logo
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