3D Print Shop

3D Print Shop offers a design and print service from printing a file you provide to designing and developing your concept / idea. 3D Print Shop are conscious about reducing our impact on the planet. We use recycled, plant-based materials and the 3D Printing process reduces waste. Using a localised sustainable manufacturing centre like the 3d Print Shop reduces carbon emissions immensely by using low energy machines and recycled materials sourced within the UK, so no shipping. The 3D Print Shop also designs and manufactures its own range of sustainable products under the LAB (Laboratory of Things) logo, these range from sunglasses, jewellery, to wall art and gifts. Laboratory of Things is aiming to expand the LAB shop as a collaborative sustainable design collective and gallery

3D Print Shop can help other members to manufacture products using very sustainable materials and methods. They can also assist designing and developing products, tools, moulds etc.

Why are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network?
Networking with other like minded business owners.

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