A new dawn in desk technology. The ökoform desk is our latest innovation which provides a stylish and practical desk with a built-in heating solution. Why, you ask? Let us explain. Before founding ökoform, the founder, Peter Waine, spent over 15 years in commercial office & interior design to help organisations make the most of their space, help increase staff morale, well-being, comfort, and productivity. During this time, Peter noticed a disparity with heating individuals in the workplace. There would often be disagreements about the temperature of the office; some people prefer a warm working environment while others like it cool. This disagreement is commonly known as a ‘thermostat war’. Our desks perform well in shared offices where workers can warm themselves if they’re not happy with the ambient temperature. It’s a great solution if you’re working in a cold room and don’t want the expense of using a fan heater or heating the entire space. By the time you’re done making a cup of tea, your ökoform desk will already be warm and helping you to save money on your electricity and gas. Fighting over the thermostat will be a thing of the past

okoform is a supplier of commercial office and homeworking furniture. We’ll gladly offer floor layout suggestions helping you make the most of your space.

We’re most excited about spending time and networking with likeminded business owners and developers.

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