Better Bilingual CIC

Better Bilingual CIC is a Bristol-based social enterprise providing education consultancy, training and resources for schools and settings. They specialise in enhancing educational provision for pupils from the rich diversity of minority ethnic backgrounds, many of whom have English as an Additional Language (EAL). Our Vision: Better Bilingual’s vision is an educational ethos which harnesses linguistic and cultural diversity to empower all our children and young people to reach their academic potential. Our Values: Equity Diversity Inclusion Inclusivity Collaboration Social justice Our Mission: Better Bilingual’s mission is to improve academic outcomes in multilingual classrooms through ‘language aware’ teaching. They work with educational settings so they understand both the benefits of being multilingual and how to develop pupils’ academic English for success.

Contact to arrange a 30-minute call on how to better value multilingualism as part of your EDI strategy.

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Excited to meet and collaborate with a range of co-workers with similar values of positivity and sustainability, across a range of contexts!

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