Kate’s Kitchen Catering

Kate’s Kitchen Catering provides food for all types of events in the Bristol area, with sustainability being at the core of everything we do.

We aim to provide food that is local, seasonal, ethical, fresh and healthy.
We encourage the reduction in food miles.
We commit to source food locally and provide fruit and vegetables in season.

Kate’s Kitchen always uses local and seasonal food when it is available, involving the minimum of transport costs. In particular, we use bread from a local independent bakery, and English vegetables whenever possible.

To encourage a vegetarian and vegan diet and reduce meat consumption, we accept that a vegetarian diet would be more sustainable in the long run and we will provide 100% vegetarian menus whenever requested. Our menus have a number of vegetarian and vegan food options.

To reduce transportation for staff travel, deliveries and suppliers, all our staff live in the local area and 80% of staff cycle, walk or use public transport when travelling to work. When organising deliveries we work in an efficient route to reduce electric consumption, we only deliver and work with companies and clients within the Bristol area within 40 minutes radius of Bristol.

To reduce carbon emissions, all our vans are 100% electric, powered by our inhouse solar panels. With any power we do use, our electricity supplier is Ecotricity, which is 100% renewable energy.

To purchase only free-range eggs and meat, all our eggs and meat are free range sourced locally and treated fairly. To use 100% MSC or RSPCA certified fish in all our dishes, all fish and shellfish served at all our outlets is currently MSC certified.

To encourage the use of Fairtrade and Organic products, all our fresh fruit platters are Organic. Our flour, oats and sugar is organic and Fairtrade, which we make all our cakes with onsite.

We recycle our waste, including the paper plates and napkins, which we have to use. We use compostable plates, napkins and coffee cups. Our juice bottles are glass. We provide tap water at all events. We don’t use single use plastic packaging. We work with our clients to reduce plastic by helping to set up initiatives within their company.

To provide healthy eating, our menus have healthy options, with organic fresh fruit platters, plenty of vegetables and pulses. To freshly prepare food, all our chefs are highly skilled and all our food is made onsite with the freshest ingredients.

To reduce food waste, all our chefs are trained to minimise food waste by ordering correctly, making stocks, persevering foods.

We have the following awards to help achieve our social, sustainability and environmental ethos:
1) Bristol Eating Better – Gold Award
2) Accredited Living Wage Employer
3) Sponsoring trees in the Bristol area, through the initiative – Trees for Streets
4) Proud to be part of Bristol Going for Gold – https://www.goingforgoldbristol.co.uk/how-are-we-doing/organisations/

What are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network?
To get help with achieving our sustainability goals and networking with other like minded businesses/individuals.

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