Banner is the largest schoolwear supplier in the UK with a relentless drive to invest in things that matter to their customers most, from the quality of their products to commitment to the planet.  

Future Leap have been supporting Banner since 2019, supporting their in-house sustainability lead to develop a robust and continually improving climate strategy. We have produced yearly carbon footprints, initially including elements of operational scope 3, expanding to full scope 3 by 2022. Future Leap have audited Banner’s manufacturing and retail sites to create comprehensive carbon reduction plans. 

Initially pursuing a carbon-neutral strategy, Future Leap advised Banner on the selection of credible carbon offset schemes based in the same countries as their supply chain partners. We also provided compliance and administrative support for Banner becoming a signatory to the UN’s ‘Climate Neutral Now’ programme. 

As Banner has grown and acquired more businesses, their sustainability strategy has become more complex. We have completed their ESOS audits for phase 3 compliance, and have completed modelling exercises for their transport and distribution systems.  

From a stakeholder engagement perspective, Future Leap has provided guidance and editing services for their 2021 and 2022 sustainability impact reports and are now helping them to evidence the ‘environment’ section for their B Corp application. 

By working alongside Banner’s highly engaged and knowledgeable sustainability lead, Future Leap have helped Banner to become a sustainability leader in their industry, and to implement multiple climate positive projects, such as embedding sustainability metrics into their procurement and supply chain and implementing energy efficiency measures and system upgrades.  


"Through Future Leap, we were put in touch with Simon to help us navigate the steps required to measure our carbon footprint for 2019 and 2020. We loved Simon’s approach, his professionalism and his genuine desire to guide us on our journey to carbon neutrality. His expertise and passion for the environment is unquestionable as is his incredible patience and willingness to impart his vast scientific knowledge and insights to aid our understanding of each step of the PAS 2060 process. Richard then helped us work on a blended approach to offsetting to align with our social and environmental goals to achieve carbon neutral status for Scope 2+ for our UK operations and our carbon reduction plan. He went above and beyond to support us with our submission to the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative, which we are a confirmed participant of. "

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