Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Efficient, Low Carbon Heating

We can direct you towards leading manufacturers in sustainable heating.  

Installing an air source heat pump has numerous benefits, offering greater levels of efficiency that can result in cheaper energy bills – without compromising comfortable heating.  

Heat pumps offer efficient heating and cooling solutions and will play a crucial role in the UK’s goal of reaching net zero by 2050.   

We work closely with providers of the most advanced heating systems available to homeowners and businesses. We can refer you towards the best low carbon heating systems.   

How does an Air Source Air Source Heat Pump work?

An air source heat pump absorbs heat from the colder air outside, increasing this to a higher temperature before transferring and utilising this as economical heating and hot water around the property.   

The pump does require electricity to run, however the heat output is greater than the electricity input, making this an efficient and environmentally-friendly method of heating.   

  • The outdoor unit draws in air from the outside and this is then passed over the heat exchanger coil
  • This heat is transferred to a liquid refrigerant flowing within the coil, creating a warm vapour 
  • The warm vapour then passes through the compressor and the temperature is increased and compressed into a dense vapour
  • The now hot vapour is transported through the indoor unit through internal piping and blows heat into the room  
  • When the vapour has transferred heat into the air, it then cools back into a liquid 
  • Liquid coolant goes through an expansion valve, ensuring that the vapour is cooled, creating a liquid vapour
  • This cold liquid vapour mix is then transported back to the outdoor unit and the cycle continues

What are the advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps?

  • Both easier and cheaper to install than a ground source heat pump 
  • Lower energy bills due to efficiency 
  • It could help to lower your carbon emissions
  • Can also be powered by wind or solar energy 
  • Long lifespan and low maintenance

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