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Circular Economy

What do we mean by a ‘Circular Economy’?

This is an economic system by which waste is phased out to the point of eradication. Resources are recycled in a loop of continuous use by which materials are re-purposed and re-designed into practical products once again. Principles of a circular economy are to re-design, reuse and recycle.   

The UK currently produces millions of tons of waste each year, but imagine the possibilities of putting that amount of material back into use. We can help you reduce your impact by directing you towards ways of repurposing your waste.  

We work with partners who can design bespoke recycling systems for your business, based on your individual needs. Managing your collected waste efficiently, these partners can create innovative products from your rubbish. 

Just Imagine what could be done with the waste created from your business or event

We can help to

  • Set you up with workshops on repurposing your waste
  • Find services through which you can pay to have your waste transformed into aesthetically pleasing and practical products
  • Close the loop on your business waste and create value from your rubbish

Useful products can be made from the rubbish that you are throwing away, such as tables, chairs, clothing, bins and more. These can be specially designed so that they include your own branding and style.  

Our Partners

  • Use as much recycled materials as possible
  • Provide circular economy solutions 
  • Study entire product material life cycles
  • Achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint

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