Electric Vehicle Charging

Future Leap Charging Point Technology

Future Leap is partnered with award-winning suppliers and installers of reliable electric vehicle charging equipment and charge point technology.  

As the sale of new petrol and diesel cars is due to be outlawed in the UK by 2030, electric vehicles (referred to as EVs), are set to be the norm. With no fossil fuel, no emissions, low maintenance and low running costs, switching to an electric vehicle is better for the environment and better for you. 

Our partners offer a full range of charging stations for every application

  • Electric car charging at home  
  • Workplace EV charging  
  • Public EV charging stations  
  • Rapid charging  

With teams of skilled engineers and technicians, the organisations we work alongside are on hand to provide thorough and dependable support during the planning and installation of your EV smart charge point. 

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