Cornish Gems are an award- winning holiday lettings company whose ambitions to reach the highest standards go beyond the properties they manage. Committed to operating sustainably, Cornish Gems reached out to us in 2022 to undertake a carbon assessment and establish a baseline from which decarbonisation can be tracked.

We calculated and analysed emissions relating to Scope 1, 2 and ‘operational’ elements of Scope 3 alongside a carbon reduction plan to encourage and support action. A year later, we are now undertaking their second assessment, with the inclusion of supply chain emissions, to allow a net zero pathway to be established, modelling emission reduction to net zero by 2050.


“Working with Future Leap on our company carbon footprint has been a positive collaboration from start to finish. We collected all the data needed for analysis. This was then collated by Tyler into a comprehensive and useful Climate Action Plan. I would highly recommend Future Leap to any company looking to evaluate their emissions and environmental impact.”
Emma Fashokun
ESG Manager, Cornish Gems

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