Stress Awareness Month

Most of the businesses in the Future Leap Network put sustainability at the heart of their business, utilising energy and materials from sustainable sources. However, sustainability isn’t just an external practise, it is also an inner game of how we work and maintain our own energy levels in challenging times.

Nick Barnett from EmbodyFlow giving a talk with the word 'breathe' on a screen behind him
Why is stress damaging to personal & team performance? Watch the video here

Renewable energy on a human level means optimal breathing, maintaining flow states and tuning into our somatic intelligence. If we don’t optimise the natural energy sources available to us we are liable to start using the stress hormone cortisol, the unsustainable fossil fuel of human energy, or relying on external ‘fossil fuels’ such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

At EmbodyFlow, we’re passionate about well-being and building sustainable people cultures within businesses. Weaving well-being micro-practises into how people work and avoiding the damaging effects of stress on individual and team performance.

April is Stress Awareness Month and so a great opportunity for businesses to check in with people to calibrate stress levels and well-being in the organisation.

We really want to support this and have developed a 1-hour ‘Stress Awareness’ session jam-packed with useful insights and tools to make it easy for you to do this. What this provides participants is:

  • Simple tests to become aware of current stress levels
  • Expanded understanding of the causes of stress and the impacts on physical and mental wellbeing
  • Enhanced awareness of existing coping strategies
  • Additional tools and techniques to move from stressful states towards more ease and resilience
  • Ways to embed changes for sustained benefit

We would love to talk to you about how this session could support optimal working and well-being in your organisation. Please drop an e-mail to Nick:

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