Alliance Partnership with Ecologi and Vodafone

Alliance have recently partnered with Ecologi and Vodafone to provide competitive Eco friendly mobile tariffs.

For every new connection, port or migration placed onto one of our new eco-friendly tariffs, we will plant five trees.

Ecologi provide ‘climate solutions’ and will manage the entire tree planting project on our behalf. With their help, Alliance will update you regularly with news such as how much CO2 will be removed from the atmosphere by the new “Alliance Forest”, and what that means for the environment throughout the proposition’s runtime. We all want to do more for our planet, and we see this as an excellent place for us to start. By purchasing our Vodafone Eco tariffs, you can rest assured that you too are helping protect the environment, plus it’s also a positive message to pass on to your staff.

For more information on Ecologi and the benefits that are achieved through projects like this, please see this link:

Vodafone Eco Tariffs start from £12.99 / month for 5GB of data, with higher data allowances available and the following benefits built in to each tariff:

  • Unlimited free UK calls
  • Unlimited free UK SMS
  • 5 trees planted per connection
  • European travel select
  • World travel select
  • 30 day rolling contract

For further information please contact, or call 01173 700900.

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