Driving Sustainability Using Gamification to Change Behaviour and Create a Positive Social Impact

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Depending on the kind of industry you operate in, it can be easy to sit back and feel that the changes being made around sustainability and greener futures don’t apply. And while it’s true that some industries, like transport, construction, and fashion, are shouldering more of the responsibility due to their undeniably large carbon footprint. If we’re to meet global net zero targets by 2050, everyone – regardless of sector and business side – has a part to play.

The gamification of social impact is one way for businesses that might feel they only have a small part to play when it comes to sustainable behaviours. In a digital world when everything from education to social media relies on gamification for engagement, companies dedicated to a cleaner and greener world are using their apps to influence positive behaviours in their users.

For example, the LitterLotto, which launched towards the end of 2021 around the time of COP26, rewards users for binning rubbish. All they have to do is share photos of themselves collecting or correctly disposing of litter and they could win as much as £10k.

The Conqueror, a gaming and fitness start up is another example of a virtual fitness app that has developed a community with a focus on both wellbeing and reducing carbon footprints. When participants sign up for the running, walking or cycling challenge, they select what social impact they want to make, either saving the oceans or planting trees.

Now, the community of over 600,000 users across the globe, motivate each other via their Facebook page and all of them are playing their part in caring for the planet, as well as their own physical and mental health, by taking part in the distance-based challenges. Users log their mileage whilst running, walking or cycling, visualising the routes which include English Channel, Hadrian’s Wall, Mount Fuji, and The Length of UK.

In partnership with Eden Eden Reforestation Projects and Plastic Bank, The Conqueror has integrated a unique function into their mobile app that sees one tree planted or 10 plastic bottles diverted from ocean pollution for every 20% of a challenge they complete. So far, its users have helped to plant more than 5 million trees and save over 5 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean worldwide.

We love working with brands that think outside the box and are committed to doing good both socially and environmentally. And even if there doesn’t seem to be an obvious link between what you do and net zero carbon, you might be surprised.

So if you’re wondering how your company can do more to go green and help global industries meet 2050 net zero targets, get in touch.

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