First sign up for Nippychecks!

Eco-minded businesses are beginning to sign up for Bristol’s recently launched carbon-friendly gas and heating maintenance service.

The team of engineers at Nippychecks, which started in May, use electric cargo bikes to visit properties across the city to maintain boilers, central heating and electrical systems and appliances.

The innovative service is already making waves in Bristol, with like-minded businesses jumping at the chance to use the service, which also serves homeowners as well as helping maintain the portfolios of city landlords and lettings agents.

Among those signing up is Spoke & Stringer, the Bristol lifestyle brand selling food, coffee, surf kit and clothing out of its three sites on Whiteladies Road, the Harbourside and Temple Quay.

Spoke & Stringer founder Kristian Crews, pictured below, left, with Nippychecks and WCHP managing director Sam Blakeney, said: “Sustainably sourcing our food, coffee and products is a major part of what we do.

Nippychecks founders

“So when we saw Nippychecks launching we thought how well it reflected our values.

“Hopefully many more service providers are going to follow suit in terms of creating eco-friendly ways of managing and maintaining Bristol’s property and facilities.”

He said what businesses needed from the service industry was affordability and reliability, and Nippychecks ticked both those boxes.

“Cargo bikes are the perfect method of transport for small in-and-out jobs, so nippychecks will certainly be the first plumbing service we call on in future,” he added.

Nippychecks was launched by established West Country Heating and Plumbing (WCHP), based in Cambridge, South Gloucestershire, following a £24,000 investment in two new cargo bikes.

With a range of 40 miles and a top speed of 15mph, the bikes are cycle lane permitted and can carry up to 150kg of cargo – easily enough for a toolbox and spare boiler parts.

Nippychecks and WCHP managing director Sam Blakeney said he was delighted with the initial attention.

“We went big and bold on the branding and wanted to make an impact in the city, but I’m still surprised about how much of an influence we’re having,” he said.

“We’re happy to support Kristian and Spoke & Stringer and we’ve had many other businesses – from lettings agents to plumbing parts wholesalers – commenting on the service and how innovative they think it is.

“It’s a great start and we’re going to carry on our emissions mission, to cut congestion and improve air quality in Bristol by providing a service free from the constraints of traffic problems.

“Of course, our service is cost-effective and ethical, too, so we’re expecting many more businesses to come on board over the coming weeks and months.”

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