Building Your Influencer Marketing Strategy in 2023

This article was written by OggaDoon.

The start of a new year is viewed by many as something of a blank slate, where we can revisit goals, wishes, and achievements that we’d like to see out this year. It’s also a time when lots of people look to their health, and consider cleaner, better ways of living. While this is often a resolution aimed at individuals, there’s no reason that businesses can’t consider ways to run more ‘healthily’ too. Whether healthy for your business means increasing profit, growing the team, or finding ways to operate more sustainably, the new year is a perfect time to think about how these changes could be made. This might be why creating an influencer marketing strategy may be important for 2023.

An influencer marketing strategy that works for you.

You might be considering boosting your PR outreach in an attempt to gain more press coverage this year. Maybe you want to rank on Google’s first page and need to improve your SEO score. Or you’re looking to gain new followers and need an overhaul of your social media strategy. These are all positive and achievable resolutions for all kinds of businesses, from SaaS to cyber security, to green tech companies. But rather than playing it safe, why not get ahead of the game (and your competition) by dipping your toe into a new kind of marketing this year?

Try something new.

As we look to cleaner and healthier practices to help our businesses thrive, influencer marketing could be the missing link in your existing strategy and there’s no time like the blank slate of a new year to take the plunge. Trust us: it’s not as scary as it sounds. This type of marketing is expected to grow to $22.2bn by 2025 according to Statista. In fact, with OggaDoon’s influencer marketing package, connecting and launching a campaign with your perfect influencer is a breeze.

Making the most of your new plans.

Our bespoke influencer marketing strategy will be designed to suit your business, industry, and marketing goals. So whether you want to push more sales, promote a product launch, or connect with a wider audience, we know how to make influencers work for you. Working with influencers is especially fortuitous at the start of a new year, as consumers are looking to change their behaviours and habits and often look to the advice and recommendations of their most trusted social accounts before making those changes. In fact, 1 in 4 millennials said that they trust their favourite content creator over their closest friend. So if you’re looking to make an impact with new audiences in 2023, working with a trusted influencer is the way to go.

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