PurposeFest and 9Trees Plant the Seeds for COP28

This article was written by 9Trees

This ambitious project will see the two organisations working together to design and launch a woodland project in the local area. Through this partnership, 9Trees aims to create a Copse woodland of at least 28 trees that will start to be planted in November this year. This will create a new local space where people can come together to learn, share and make positive changes in our world.

The initiative will focus on creating a sustainable, diverse and biodiverse space to improve air quality, reduce noise pollution and provide a safe natural habitat for native wildlife. 9Trees has committed to providing expertise on ecological restoration, while Purposefest Bristol will coordinate community engagement activities to ensure a broad range of local people is involved in the project. The partnership between Purposefest and 9Trees is an important step forward for Bristol, as both organisations recognise the need for more green spaces to make their city a healthier and happier place to live. A new Copse woodland will be a great resource for everyone.

“We are proud to partner with Purposefest for this month’s amazing festival held on the 16th of March at Bristol’s city hall. We are hoping to network at the festival with local landowners with over an acre of land, as we want to go beyond to create our vision of a sustainable copse woodland locally.”

Michael Cunningham Director of 9Trees

“We are delighted to launch this initiative with 9Trees. Going beyond business as usual is what B-Corp is all about and it’s great to create something so positive for the local community. We look forward to seeing the progress made over the coming months and would encourage anyone who might be able to contribute to get in touch with 9trees at this year’s festival.”

Andy Hawkins – Business on Purpose
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