SuSy launches first apps at Festival of Sustainability

The wait is finally over, just days after celebrating their first birthday, SuSy house, who are based in Future Leaps Clifton office, launched their first apps at the Festival of Sustainable Business exhibition.

The team were thrilled to announce the launch at the festival, as both SuSy’s homeowner and business apps were made available for download at via the app stores for iPhone and Android on June 15. The apps take the complex process of saving money and energy in homes and simplify it for homeowners. The apps that analyse homes to calculate which home improvements could save the most money and carbon and also allow connections with local retrofit tradespeople, has been being developed over the last year. SuSy has recently partnered with Scroll finance in a successful bid for funding from the GHFA, which will see the duo be able to further their reach and help more people in their quest to make sustainable homes achievable for all. 

CEO Bryan Charter said: “The festival was a fantastic day and I was very pleased by the initial response to our App. We are hoping to continue the growth at the rate we are going and are looking forward to receiving feedback from both homeowners and tradespeople. “Our team has worked immensely hard and it’s been a long process but we are thrilled to have launched and to do it alongside the brilliant team at Future Leap at their festival made it extra special. “I am sure people will see our team at a number of events now, we can’t be missed in our purple tops, we would urge everyone to come and chat if they have any questions or to just download the app and see it for themselves. “We are hoping to revolutionise the way homeowners save money by just making complex processes, simpler and ultimately make sustainable homes, achievable for all.” To download the SuSy app click Download the SuSy apps –

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