Redcliffe & Temple BID seek businesses to champion reusable lunchboxes

Could your business invest in reusable lunchboxes for your staff kitchen? The BID would love to hear from you and get a picture of your staff enjoying their refill lunch! Redcliffe & Temple BID’s ‘bring your own lunchbox’ campaign continues throughout this summer to encourage people to use a refill container when they visit the city’s popular food markets. Recent survey data showed that whilst 44% of respondents were aware you could take their own lunchbox, only 7% of respondents were regularly taking their own container. Speaking about the initiative, Project Manager Tom Swithinbank emphasised the importance of Refill: “With the four markets dishing up an incredible 3000 lunches to their customers each week, the inevitable waste is significant, with almost all of it going straight to landfill. The best way to change this is by people providing their own container when enjoying a delicious lunch. We really hope people embrace the campaign this summer and taking your own lunchbox becomes the norm in Bristol.” Tom also called on offices to support the campaign by stocking their own supply of containers for people to take to the markets, enhancing sustainability within their office environment. “We want this to be as normal as getting a bowl for your soup from the cupboard; you take the container to the market, enjoy your lunch and put the container in the dishwasher when you are finished, in the same way as you would if you were grabbing a bowl or plate for your lunch.” Please get in touch if you want to purchase containers for your office as we have done some research into a few different options. We would also love to celebrate your company on our website and social media! If your business can help contact Tom (
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