Ever wondered about the environmental impact of sports?

“[They] showcase the tiny proportion of work they do in renewables when actually the majority of their work is in an area where they’ve well known the impact of it for years and have been actively lobbying to ensure that none of that comes out.”

Tusko’s “Changing The Story” podcast is a place where they share inspiring stories of visionaries, and purpose-driven individuals and organisations that are sculpting a better world In the #podcast, they explore challenges and solutions to contribute to a more equitable, enduring, and secure place for all.

In the latest episode, they Interviewed Katie Cross, the Founder of Pledgeball, on our “Changing the Story Podcast” at Tusko. She shared her insights on several things including.

⭐ What Pledgeball does and how it helps the environment

⭐ The environmental impact of sports

⭐ The role of leadership within football teams

⭐ Gambling and advertising standards

⭐ The importance of Storytelling for the #charity sector.

To see the full episode click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfjeSeOy8YU&ab_channel=Tusko

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