Three organic social media marketing opportunities you need to know in 2024 (OggaDoon)

There are more people online than ever before and so we have to consider how this affects a business’ organic social media marketing activity. Here are the top opportunities for organic social media marketing for start-ups in 2024.

1. Capitalising on social media groups Social media groups create more engagement, because they’re more authentic, allowing creators to connect with their target audience. However, this is not a place for promoting company updates and products, as they will be considered spammy, it’s more of a place to create a community. For startups, groups represent an excellent way to get people together who share similar values, causes, or interests. It allows admins and members to share photos, content and stories that can serve as insights into your audience’s needs and untapped wants.

2. Exploring video features, like stories and Reels Facebook and Instagram stories represent an amazing feature that companies can utilise organically to grow their website traffic, or to direct users to a conversion page, by adding a link to the story. Instagram’s Reels offer the opportunity to get more impressions than regular posts and keep users engaged with entertaining, fun content. Features like these, and others to come, offer start ups the opportunity to target users through a vivid, modern and entertaining approach.

3. Finding opportunities in less used social media channels Are you using Quora, Reddit or Pinterest for your business? Each generate organic traffic months or years after publishing a post on these platforms. High-quality entries with answers to specific questions that your audience might be interested in let users know that you’re an experienced and authoritative source for what they’re looking for.

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