Stylemongers Of Bristol launches interior design workshops to enhance employee engagement and workplace wellbeing

Future Leap member Zoe Hewett, of interior design studio Stylemongers of Bristol is opening the doors to her creative world for companies and organisations for the first time, hosting hands-on workshops aimed at improving wellbeing in the workplace.

Having realised the mental health benefits of getting creative after running interior design workshops for homeowners for almost a decade, Zoe now wants to increase the positive impact. Seeing the potential for creative sessions to help businesses reduce sick leave, retain staff and improve productivity, Zoe has adapted her workshop structure to accommodate teams and facilitate them in hand crafting imaginative interior design moodboards away from computer screens. The focus could be on a room at home or it could be an opportunity for companies to garner input from staff on what design elements they feel would be beneficial to have in the office.

Crafting is a form of mindfulness, and when you’ve finished making something you get all these lovely feelings of achievement, purpose and pride in what you’ve made. Employees don’t always get that in the workplace, especially if they work on long projects and are at a remove from the end result or end user. The brilliant thing about learning some interior design skills is that it’s not only beneficial during the session but afterwards too. Everyone is affected by their environment and interior decor can be instrumental in lifting mood and increasing productivity, especially when people also work from home.

Zoe is also engaged with sustainability in design and weaves it in to the sessions, particularly when considering paint brands and upholstery, and by encouraging participants to discover the styles they love to foster design decisions that will have longevity.

If your organisation would be interested in finding out more, please visit the website to make an enquiry.

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