How to Take Part In a Greener Future

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On the 22nd of July, The Future Economy Network (FEN) and Future Leap hosted an online interactive event titled “How to Take Part in a Greener Future”. Before the event began, the attendees enjoyed some pre-sessional networking.

Katherine Piper of Future Leap welcomed the attendees before giving an insight into The Future Economy Network, Future Leap and the many benefits of membership, as well as the upcoming Festival of Sustainable Business on the 21st of September. She then introduced the speakers:

● Jane Wildblood, Bath and North East Somerset Council

David Kelly, CEO, Storm Consultancy

Lorna Montgomery, Founder, Share and Repair

Jane Wildblood, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Jane gave an outline of the one shared vision report, a piece of work which addresses the economic weaknesses of Bath and North East Somerset that became apparent as a result of the pandemic. The report also offers a shared vision to co-produce a way for the councils to move forward in unity, bringing light to the need for better partnership facilitation and increased transparency. The climate crisis inevitably played a role in the conversation and the discussion leaned into the recognition that the councils should (and will) find a shared language around climate change, reinforcing the importance of tackling next steps, together.

David Kelly, CEO, Storm Consultancy

We moved on to David Kelly who specialises in digital tech consultancy and enthusiastically gave advice for the necessary steps councils should take in tackling climate change…to make the cities more appealing to the next generation of entrepreneurs. His passion and enthusiasm towards the idea of moulding the city to attract the tech savvy market showed his keen interest to persuade the councils to spend their time making their areas hospitable to a growing movement in technological innovation. He was also keen to reinforce the importance of leadership, and that leadership will be birthed from a new wave of technological innovators, rather than the current governing powers.

Lorna Montgomery, Founder, Share and Repair 

Last but not least, we heard from Laura Montgomery who founded the project ‘shared & repaired”, offered a practical and immediate solution to addressing waste. The project hosts workshops fully run by volunteers who offer their time to help extend the life time of products; be it a phone, a jumper, a kettle etc. She reinforced the importance of creating a sharing culture, where we recognise the unnecessary individual ownership of products that are easily shared amongst a community.


After a final round of networking, Katherine brought the event to a close, thanking all the speakers and attendees, which without our events calendar would not be possible.

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