Sustainable Cities Around The World

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On the 21st of October, the  Future Leap Network hosted an online interactive event titled “Sustainable Cities Around the World”. Before the event began, the attendees enjoyed some pre-sessional networking.  

Katherine Piper of Future Leap welcomed the attendees before giving an insight into The Future Leap NetworkFuture Leap Hub and the many benefits of membership, as well as the Festival of Sustainable Business. She then introduced the speakers:  

  • Eleanor Akers, Consultant, Future Leap 
  • Clare Wildfire, Global Practice Lead – Cities, Mott Macdonald 
  • Jeremy Kelly, JLL 
  • Dr Amy Hochadel, Connected Places Catapult 

 Eleanor Akers, Consultant, Future Leap 

Eleanor gave an overview of how legislation has affected air quality and building standards in New York, Chicago, Madrid and London. She discussed the role policy and legislation play in making cities more sustainable. The audience were then given time to ask questions, one which prompted Elanor to voice her opinion on which sustainable city scheme she thought should be implemented in the UK.  

Clare Wildfire, Global Practice Lead – Cities, Mott Macdonald  

Clare detailed how the design of our cities has a big influence on the health of its citizens. Clare then discussed how health and wellbeing are influenced by environmental and lifestyle and behaviour factors and where opportunities lie to improve them through place-shaping. Clare’s talk was then followed by audience questions. 

Jeremy Kelly, JLL  

Jeremy covered the topic of “Decarbonizing Cities and Real Estate” – providing a whistle stop tour of what different cities globally are doing to decarbonise their built environment. Jeremy gave an overview of the cities taking the lead in the journey to Net Zero, with leading commitments to building retrofit ambitions and initiatives. The audience were again given the opportunity to ask Jeremy questions and a discussion ensued between both audience members and fellow speakers.

 Dr Amy Hochadel, Connected Places Catapult  

Amy spoke on the topic of ‘Sustainability for All: Global Cities Leading the Charge’. She covered examples of smart and resilient cities withstanding systemic shocks of the 21st century, ending with an overview of toolkits for implementation. The audience were then given time to ask questions, in which a lively discussion was held. 

 60 Second Pitches  

To encourage networking, attendees made use of the 60 second pitch opportunity. 



After a final round of networking, Katherine brought the event to a close, thanking all the speakers and attendees, which without our events calendar would not be possible.   

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