Bristol 24/7

Bristol24/7 is on a  mission is to build a community around independent journalism. They focus efforts around four key areas; content, community, resilience and sustainability.

As a publisher, their ethos is to be independent, honest and transparent, and uphold the highest editorial values. They want to represent the whole of Bristol and work hard to engage with and provide a platform for marginalised individuals and hard to reach communities. 

Bristol24/7 are completely independent and are not owned by, or affiliated with any other media group. They are a small team working hard to provide Bristol with honest local news and culture. 

In 2017, Bristol24/7 launched an ambitious social impact programme delivering projects that have changed the lives of many who live in the city. In 2018, they created Better Bristol, an initiative to bring together their social and environmental aspirations, support its editorial independence and build a collaborative approach to making a better Bristol. 

If you believe in the importance of local independent media and their mission to create a Better Bristol, please consider supporting them by becoming a member.

Bristol 24.7
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