Future Cities: Social Value and Wellbeing

Watch the recording here.

On 13th September, the Future Leap Network and TLT LLP launched their “Future Cities” series, kicking off with a hybrid business breakfast on “Social Value and Wellbeing”. This event was kindly sponsored by TLT and held in their offices with a stunning view. Attendees were welcomed in-person and online, with in-person attendees enjoying a fully vegan and gluten-free breakfast and online attendees moving into break out rooms for networking. 

After some breakfast networking Katie Clubb, Network Account Manager, introduced the audience to the session as well as work being done at Future Leap. 

After a brief introduction, Katie welcomed the panel and invited each speaker to introduce themselves and their background.  

  • TLT LLP – Alex Holsgrove Jones 
  • St.Monica Trust – Naomi Stone  
  • Alec French – Nigel Dyke 
  • Redcliffe and Temple Bid – Tom Swithinbank 

After this, the panel dove straight into their discussion covering these four key questions: 

  • How does urban development and greening cities tie into wellbeing? 
  • What trends can we use to our advantage to support wellbeing in our cities? 
  • How are cities adapting and what does that mean for developers? 
  • What does a healthy city look like right now and what will it look like in the future? 

This was interspersed with Q&A from both the virtual and physical audience. Attendees were engaged and involved in the discussion throughout. 

Afterwards, Katie closed the discussion by asking each speaker to offer a call to action: 

Alex Holsgrove Jones asked landlords to promote reuse in their buildings as much as possible, to meet minimum energy efficiency standards before renting, and to set achievable targets to keep momentum going. 

Naomi Stone carried on the biophilia theme by connecting nature and wellbeing. She explained that new evidence shows spending time in nature correlates to pro-environmental behaviours, especially in children – and asked the audience to encourage people to get out and about exploring in nature. 

Nigel Dyke asked the audience to “keep going! Don’t let it fade”. Little victories keep momentum. 

Tom Swithinbank suggested attendees should get involved in promoting healthy streets and their upcoming events, such as walking tours, gardening sessions, and park events.

All attendees were invited to finish off the catering and take part in final networking before the event was brought to a close. 

Thank you TLT LLP for sponsoring and hosting this event, and to our speakers for providing their insightful conversations.  Join us for the next event in our Future Cities series on 8th November: The Role of Tech in Supporting Wellbeing.

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