Pulse Market

John Ellis, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pulse Market writes:

Pulse Market is an Irish/Scottish Tech start up that is blazing the trail to an ethical procurement world. Pulse was recently selected as a Digital DNA Upstart 2022.

Before cofounding Pulse Market I had a long, varied and successful career working with large financial services organisations including Aegon (Scottish Equitable) and Deutsche Bank. My experience and connections in the large Financial Services organisations around the UK and business connections in Ireland will open doors for the Future Leap Network. I’m also a regular speaker at events and member of business networks and run my own ESG user group and I’d love to connect and create new opportunities in Future Leap to raise the profile of members.

I’m excited about joining the Future Leap Network to hear from a diverse communtiy with different backgrounds but share a common purpose. I’m looking forward to introducing my personal network to the dynamiuc work of Future Leap members.

Doing business better and helping businesses to do better is at the core of Pule Market. Our goal is to support businesses to drive more ethical supply chains. We are delivering this across our like minded network of partnerships and our vendor risk management offering.

As a start up, we are at the start of our sustainability journey. We are keen to continually listen, learn and share knowledge gained to leap ahead in our sustainability journey. We have participated as panelists in sustainability events like ESG Summit 2022 and hosted our own seminars themed around ESG. We are engaging with organisations like Net Zero Nation, Climate Action and businesses with clear sustainability values. We are passionate about advancing the conversation around ESG and helping businesses understand we are all accountable, communicate a sense of urgency to act now instead of passing the buck.

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