Ecogen Energy

Founded in 2011, Ecogen Energy (formerly Solar Roofing Specialists) is on a mission to accelerate the UK’s transition to clean energy – helping customers reduce running costs, future-proof their energy, and achieve their sustainability targets. They specialise in solar, battery storage, EV charging, and solar carports for commercial, residential, and community projects.

Their team provides end-to-end services, from the initial survey to design and installation, monitoring, operations, and maintenance. They are committed to sustainability, high-quality installations, customer satisfaction, and safe and fair work practices. As part of their commitment to sustainability, they support charity projects with cutting-edge technology, helping them to generate revenue and become more sustainable – financially and environmentally. 

Please detail ways in which your organisation can support fellow members of the Future Leap Network.
Happy to advise on renewable energy and energy saving 

Why are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network?
We are looking forward to being part of a community of like-minded people and attending events, networking and getting to know more people in the sustainability space around Bristol. 

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