Pieminister is a family owned business that makes and sells a wide range of award winning pies and sides, through retailers, pubs and their own restaurants. Sustainability has always been integral to the business and in 2020, Pieminister drew up a series of ambitious goals to hit by 2025, to accelerate its sustainable credentials for the sake of the planet. The goals cover everything from carbon and waste reduction to employee benefits and charitable giving, to supply chain practices, animal welfare and biodiversity. 

Pieminister can, very importantly, provide excellent and ethical pie lunches or dinners (!) But is also happy to share any wisdom gained on becoming a B Corp or on setting and communicating a sustainability strategy with the consumer in mind.

Why are you most excited about joining the Future Leap Network?
Looking forward to connecting with like minded businesses to share and discover best practices, both in terms of being an SME and general food manufacturing.

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