Veronica Pollard Alexander Technique Teacher

Veronica is an Alexander Technique teacher who offers workshops and lessons to groups and individuals.

The Alexander Technique offers people the opportunity to learn how to improve their lives by rethinking their ideas, their thinking and how they move. It can be applied to any activity, from sitting at a desk to playing an instrument, from yoga to cycling.

Her wider purpose is to help people let go of the ideas and habitual thinking and ways of moving that get in their way. The lessons involve questions, discussion, laughter and gentle ‘hands on’ manipulation. Veronica would like to offer companies and organisations lunchtime sessions, and individuals day time or evening lessons. She benefitted so much from learning this work and she loves to share the knowledge and principles that helped her so much.

Her home practice has been retrofitted and now has solar panels of both types, insulation and double glazing. Most transport is by bicycle and public transport. Her household energy is from a 100% renewable supplier. Her goal is to be 100% electric ie no gas.

Please detail ways in which your organisation can support fellow members of the Future Leap Network.
Veronica can support fellow members by offering discounted lessons and help those who sit at a desk all day how to banish back and neck aches!

Veronica is most excited about joining the Future Leap Network as she believes she will find a lot of like-minded people. She’s already had some help from a fellow member and hopes she can be of service to others by recommending their services and using members’ services herself. And of course her excitement comes from finding more people that she can help have calmer, easier lives

veronica pollard
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